Honhar Play School


70009 - 36125

0771 - 4071950

Your child deserves the best !

Air-Conditioned Wing for Pre-School and Pre-Primary with theme based and colourful classrooms with computer aided learning.

Dedicated and trained faculty for Music, Dance Art & Craft, Drawing, Painting etc.

The school Boasts of a serene environment in a picturesque setting with an excellent infrastructure and all modern amenities. The school has airy, well it and spacious class rooms.

  • 1. Trained, highly qualified and experienced faculty.
  • 2. Smart Classrooms and Computer Aided Learning.
  • 3. Resource Centre, Audio-Visual Room, Language Lab. And Maths Lab.
  • 4. Moral Education.
  • 5. Monthly Parent –Teacher meeting.
  • 6. Seminars on positive parenting.
  • 7. Picnics, Outdoor Educational Excursions and In-House Camps.
  • 8. Regular Academics Checks.
  • 9. Annual Health Check-up.
  • 10. Activity Room.
  • 11. Filtered Water for your child’s health.
  • 12. Personalised Attention.

Emphasis on Indian value system amalgamated with modern outlook, scientific and technological training integrated with a pragmatic approach for achieving excellence.

Extra Curricular and Co-curricular Activities

'Learning is a means…… not an end.' To facilitate this journey and to inculcate in students value of positive competition and to bring out their school and intra school competitions, projects, events and activities.

  • 1. Dramatics.
  • 2. Literary activities.
  • 3. Oratory skills through elocutions, debates, etc.
  • 4. Drawing & Painting and Art & Craft.
  • 5. Activity Days and Themed Weeks take place throughout the year.
  • 6. Regular Project Work and Activity based Education is carried out which help the students in better understanding of the subject matter.
  • 7. Regular celebration of all the National days and important festivals and events.
  • 8. Meditation and Yoga Camps.
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