Honhar Play School


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Mrs. Pooja Barmota, the Principal of Honhar Play School says "being a parent is the greatest blessing of life and seeing your child grow, learns, and become an individual a greater blessing". With the advent of the new system of education, which has ushered in a new era of education, knowledge is now being imparted for achieving success in all fields. Newer methodology, techniques and innovations in education have taken place of the old, dull and mundane system of education. At H.P.S., we very tenderly and carefully touch the lives of the tiny tots and students to bring about a sizeable difference, initially through play way methods in the formative years and also with the right training and values throughout and educate them to bring about a marked change; with the motto of “from darkness to light” and the maxim of ‘faith in oneself’, carefully each child is moulded and nurtured to be THE BEST. Because at H.P.S. a Sound Foundation is built for Success FOR EVER!

With her caring nature and affection for children, she is a forerunner in establishing the School - as a true centre for learning and joy; with excellence in academics, sports, various art forms and a host of co-curricular activities, while maintaining the school discipline as the watchword.

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