Honhar Play School


70009 - 36125

0771 - 4071950

Our First Step

The school was conceptualized in August 2014 & got into operations in April 2015 but for these Eight months lot of hard work was put in by curriculum designers, child psychologists & top end educationists to develop a unique curriculum & implement it in our model school.

Our Aim

  • 1. To provide high quality care in a fun learning environment.
  • 2. Develop, implement and evaluate a stimulating and challenging education programme for all children based on their skills, needs and interest.
  • 3. Develop awareness & understanding of environmental issues.
  • 4. Provide a home like atmosphere that is safe, secure & which promotes a close personal bond between teacher-student.


Our unique curriculum is designed and conceptualized with the expertise of top of the line educationists.Books are an amalgamation of inhouse conceptualisation and books outsourced from the best content developers of this age group.

Emphasis is laid on

  • 1. Experiential learning
  • 2. Stage exposure
  • 3. Personality Grooming Sessions
  • 4 Phonics and dictions
  • 5. Activities to improve fine and gross motor skills.
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